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Celebrity necklaces as trend setters

Celebrity necklaces

Celebrity necklaces are something that we all have noticed and coveted at one time or another. We may have read reports of millions of dollars worth of jewelry being worn by celebrities for special occasions. They may be gifts or an endorsement for some well known brand. Jewelry has always fascinated women and famous pieces which are worn by those we adore are even more special. It is not possible for all of us to be able to afford those celebrity necklaces for our own needs. Many a time, it is something we can only admire from a distance or dream about owning some day. For a lot of us this is not really a possibility but there are so many clever imitations of these pieces available.

If you have noticed, often celebrity necklaces are not just custom designed, but also are made of extremely expensive gemstones which are one of a kind. It is not possible to have the same pieces for yourself. Besides buying them, ensuring they remain secure and insuring the pieces will also cost heavily. Lifestyles of the rich and famous are often something every common man will want to emulate in their own way. For those who have always had the hunger for such exquisite pieces, clever copies which are affordable for the regular folk is readily available.

Trends have always been dictated by the rich and famous people for many years. It is no exception that even in jewelry, this is often the case. With the royal wedding recently being over, all eyes were for the jewelry worn by the bride. The fact that a sapphire stone was chosen for the engagement ring by Prince William did not go unnoticed and over night the demands for the stone have increased. Many brides are opting for what was the Diana ring with a single sapphire and diamonds around it for their own special day. These celebrity rings, celebrity necklaces and earrings are literally ruling the market these days.

Celebrity necklaces

Jeweled celebrity necklaces which are doing the rounds this season include many varieties like the bib necklace, wine drop necklace and palm leaf necklace. These are made in exquisite and painstaking detail by top brands like Diane von Furstenberg. Multicolored bead necklaces seem to be a popular choice in beach wear this season as well. Every woman in the world wants to look like their favorite celebrity. You will be quite happy to find that you can buy copies of celebrity necklaces easily with so many clever affordable pieces available in the market.

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Most Talked About Celebrity Diamond Earrings

Celebrity Diamond Earrings

Celebrity earrings have always been a talking point and fashion experts as well as starry eyed fans constantly keep a tab on what celebrities have been donning. Celebrity diamond earrings are usually not as glitzy as their other jewellery counterparts like bracelets, arm bands, necklaces and rings are. However, some celebrities with breathtaking hairdos often make it a point to flash their celebrity diamond earrings which take everyone by awe. Whether it is dangling earrings made popular by sportswomen like Maria Sharapova on the tennis courts or the studs, the diamond earrings could be a vital part of a woman’s jewellery corner.

Celebrity Diamond Earring

In fact, celebrity diamond earrings are also making news these days because top celebrities are picking them as gifts for their famous girlfriends. One of the best examples is the gift from Christiano Ronaldo to his girlfriend. These days the red carpet is one place where the best celebrity diamond rings can be noticed. Nicole Kidman was seen in the Grammys red carpet with her elegant emerald earrings which provided a beautiful match for her complexion and red hair. The matching bracelet with similar green stones added to the overall charm and fashion statement. No wonder she is considered to be amongst the leading ladies of Hollywood in terms of fashion.

Celebrities Diamond Earrings

Not all celebrities believe in long dangling earrings or their popularity. Some prefer in simpler versions like the diamond stud earrings which are elegant and classic and are ideal for single colour outfits. Hoop earrings with dangling diamonds involves another design that adds flash and shimmer, whether it is an occasion to party or a more formal event. There are other celebrities like Mandy Moore who do it their own way with chandelier earrings of silver with scarlet hued stones. Silver and scarlet is a great combination and they went amazingly well with her plum coloured gown she wore to one of the red carpet events.

Celebrities have their own personality, style and taste. While some love being glitzy, others love to make a subtle statement. Celebrities in the past have been seen in diamond earrings without any fecklaces. Bold diamond bracelets and earrings are a great combination and without the necklace they give an impression of your style without overdoing it. When paired with the right dress the earrings could be more than worth their weight in diamonds and one doesn’t have to don a breathtaking necklace to make the headlines.

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Biggest update coming soon, ALL from exhibition, most High Street BRANDED Jewellery 4 the coming season! WHOLESALE Lowest Price Guarantee!


Useful Tips On How To Make Pearl Necklace


Pearl necklaces are classic fashion statements.  They have stood the test of time and rarely go out of fashion.  This is one particular accessory that has always remained a popular choice amongst many.  They can either be strung or beaded in a variety of ways depending on the kind of beads and the look you wish to achieve.  You can make pearl necklace using these tips and string you own necklace to a specific design and a length that you want.  You will need to use a special technique and special materials to make pearl necklace and follow these simple instructions.


-  First decide the length of the necklace.  Now take a silk cord and measure using a measuring tape and multiply this by four.  The extra length is for tying the knots.  If the necklace is of adequate length, then it could easily fit over your head.   If it is shorter you will need to attach a clasp.

-  First make a couple of knot on one end and thread a needle on the other.  Now thread two pearls and slide it across the thread to the end with the knots.  Now make a loop but don’t complete the knot.  Now put the tweezers through the loop while gripping the cord next to the first pearl.  Now pull the cord at the other end and let the loop slide down right next to the first pearl.  Now slide the next pearl and do the loop and tighten the knot again.   Continue the process until you have finished with all the pearls.

-   After you reach the desired length, make pearl necklace by tying both ends together making a double or triple knot.  If the necklace is short then you will have to attach the clasp at the ends of the necklace.

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Buy Cheap Wholesale Jewelry

It is no hidden fact that the recession has struck almost every part of the world and the price level has significantly increased. Jewelry is a kind of love for a woman. Jewelry and woman are regarded as inseparable. In this era of recession, buying jewelry could cost you a fortune but if you buy cheap Wholesale Jewelry then you can save a lot of your money. It is a common misconception that the wholesalers compromise quality while selling at low prices. It is not entirely true and does not hold true for true wholesalers.

In addition to maintaining good quality, there is a huge variety available on online wholesale stores where you can buy cheap wholesale jewelry. It is also important to mention here that before buying wholesale jewelry, you have to make sure that you are buying from the right and genuine supplier. It is due to the fact that there are so many people who are selling the jewelry item illegitimately. In addition to that, some online stores also trick you by using bending terminologies and show you that they are also selling at whole sale prices.

In the view of all this, there are many resources available where you can find genuine wholesalers from which you can buy cheap Wholesale Jewelry. The advantage of buying from a wholesaler is quite obvious. You get jewelry items at a very low price. In addition to that, the variety is also huge and diverse. In other words, you can buy cheap Jewelry Wholesale of latest trends. In this regard, you should buy jewelry items from a popular and dignified supplier, who has a reputation in the market and who can be relied upon. Buying such jewelry online is the latest trend and many people prefer to purchase it online.

If you are buying online then it is worth mentioning here that make sure the payment method is secure. In other words if you buy cheap wholesale jewelry then you just have to make sure that you are buying from a trusted supplier. Buying from wholesale jewelry has so many advantages which cannot be ignored. You could also find wedding sets on wholesale jewelry stores where you can buy in bulk keeping the same designs and style. In addition to that, many people are opting for this business as it is quite profitable. In short, you need to buy cheap wholesale jewelry today. Check out!

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Dior Jewelry 2011 – The Latest Fashion Trends

Dior jewellery 2011

The latest in fashion trends with the Dior jewelry 2011 collection is bracelets, long earrings, necklaces, and beads and this was presented as part of the Fashion Jewelry 2010-2011 collection.  As per the recommendations of the designer these pieces of jewelry should ideally be worn with open clothing.  For instance, the necklace would complement an outfit with a deep cleavage whereas bracelets would complement a dress with short sleeves.

The Dior jewelry 2011 collections also showcased earrings that were long and may consist of several rows of thin chains such as strings of pearls.  The stylish collection was presented along with bracelets.  Models wore multiple layers of thin chains with different weavings. They also had an addition of large beads.  The collection also included brown, black and white pearls.

The Dior jewelry 2011 is a good collection of elaborate, colorful, and bold neck pieces that are gorgeous.  The spring 2011 collection from Christian Dior has a tropical Hawaiian feel to it.  The necklaces are huge chunky pieces of jewelry and the earrings are long with tassels.  Vintage jewelry is also the current trend.

Dior Jewelry 2011

Most often one can do a lot of mix and match with the old as well as the new.  There are trends that have remained for more than one season.  Beaded chains are a favorite since the last season and have been a favorite for quite a while now.  Big mixed gemstones are the favorites when it comes to beaded chains.  Chains with a mix of colored crystals and freshwater pearls are also a perfect choice.  When the clothing and jewelry is mixed and matched they make an interesting combination.  However, one must know what to mix and match.  Huge, chunky pieces of jewelry can be worn with anything and looks good with casual wear.  Handmade beads are being appreciated very well and people are no longer interested only in precious metals.

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eBay Listings Secrets – Part IV

Part IV of our eBay Listing Secrets article series helps you get your listings seen by rising to the top in the eBay search engine rankings.

Develop listings that attract rank in searches

The eBay search algorithm relies heavily on the first words in a listing, so you need to make those count. There are two ways to do that.

    1. If it’s appropriate, use the word “new” in the beginning of your product description. Your product can be described as:
  • a. “new in box” or NIB
  • b. New American Girl video
  • c. New scrapbook brads for Halloween
  1. The word “sale” attracts search attention as well, as in “ink cartridge sale” or “sale dresses”

Beyond these strategies, be very certain that you are using the keywords that your customers are likely to use when searching for your item.

eBay search ranking

In the past, the eBay search algorithm was primarily based on keywords and end time. Now the search is more focused on best match using this logic string:

Title + detailed seller ratings + customer service + shipping cost (free = high ranking) + conversion rate


Clearly, eBay is focused on supporting its best sellers, not necessarily finding the product that the customer wants to buy. This means that elements such as your eBay seller rating are critical to your ability to be found. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. The eBay rating system is stacked against the seller since the seller cannot leave negative feedback for the buyer, no matter what the circumstances. Consequently, you might as well use the system to encourage buyers to leave you the best feedback possible, since it’s so important to your rankings. We suggest that as soon as the buyer pays, you leave positive feedback. This gesture creates a positive experience right out of the gate for the customer. You may even get customers who will immediately leave you positive feedback in response, even before they receive the purchased item.

Free shipping

Not every seller can afford to provide free shipping but, if you believe that you have enough profit margin built in, you might give it a try and see if the increase in volume offsets the loss. You can also raise prices a bit to cover the shipping. Most people realize that there’s nothing really “free” and may tolerate a slightly higher price if they think it’s still a better deal that they would have gotten otherwise. Besides, there seems to be a psychological barrier for people buying online – they just don’t want to have to pay for shipping. If you can afford it, it’s worth a try.

Conversion rate

Conversion rate feeds on issues like free shipping, listing quality, unique selling proposition. Be sure that you have read and are following all of the tips in our first three eBay Selling Secrets articles to maximise your conversion rate.

Type of sale

Although eBay began as an auction site, it has really become a straight selling site at this point, partially based on the way eBay’s rules have evolved. At this point, more than 50% of all sales come from BIN (Buy It Now) sales rather than auctions. BINs have always had appeal for buyers who need something in a hurry, want to be assured that they will actually get an item and not be beat out at the last minute, and those who feel that the BIN price is still a bargain. BIN is a great technique for most of your products. Auctions are better for overstocks where anything you get is better than sitting on inventory, or for loss leaders to bring buyers into your eBay store. “Best offer” is unusual and not that effective, but can be used for market research purposes.

Your listing needs to be seen to sell, so focus special attention on playing to eBay’s search algorithm.